PROFIT Workshop at CAPS-MAZI Summer School in Volos

The PROFIT project is organising its own 1-day workshop, on 13/07/2017, as part of the CAPS-MAZI Summer School, which takes place in Volos at the picturesque Tsalapata Museum from 10 to 14 July 2017.

The workshop is intended for policy makers, company executives and students, which are also among the PROFIT project’s primary user groups.

It involves sessions on the development of a financial education toolkit, the importance of financial literacy for open democracy and financial stability, applications of semantic technology for financial awareness, and applications of textual analysis in economics and finance, which are also relevant to the development of the platform. It will also involve interactive sessions and a roundtable discussion on the incentive mechanisms and the the user groups and social impact dimensions of the platform.

The workshop is led by Prof. Georgios Panos (Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow), Artem Ravenko (Semantic Web Company), Ioannis Chrysostomos Pragidis (Democritus University of Thrace), Aurora Prospero (FEBEA), and Aikaterini Katmada (CERTH).

The programme of the workshop is available below and for more details please see:

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