PROFIT in Paris for a FEBEA Seminar

The PROFIT project was discussed and presented in Paris on the 26th of January in the context of a FEBEA strategic Seminar. This was a meeting that gathered high-level representatives from almost all members throughout Europe concerning the future strategy of FEBEA.

In it, PROFIT was mentioned as a best practice of collaboration between members in a EU project and as an activity that puts the Federation at the forefront of innovation and engagement of the citizens. It was also an occasion to briefly discuss the project among the participants to the project that attended at the operational level.

FEBEA is the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks (FEBEA – Fédération Européenne des banques Ethiques et Alternatives), a non-profit organisation incorporated under Belgian law, created in Brussels in 2001. It includes and represents 27 members from 15 European countries.

FEBEA is a partner of the PROFIT Consortium, along with its members Ebanka, Credal, Sklad05, SEFEA, APS Bank, Bank of Karditsa and Fondazione Financa Etica (part of Banca Popolare Etica, member of FEBEA). It will be engaged in the following months for the testing of the platform among its clients and networks.

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