PROFIT project participated in the International Workshop on Hybrid Statistical Semantic Understanding and Emerging Semantics (HSSUES), Held in conjunction with ISWC’17 at Vienna, Austria (21-22/10/2017).

HSSUES is a half-day workshop exploring the synergy, from perspectives of theory, application, experiments (including negative results) and vision between different approaches for understanding the semantics of Web content, and how such synergies can be exploited to advance the state-of-the-art. It was focused on mechanisms, both theoretical and experimental, that range the spectrum of possible strategies and provide novel functionalities through hybrid approaches to statistical and symbolic understanding. The broader goal was to foster a discussion that would lead to cross-cutting ideas and collaborations at a timely moment when Semantic Web research has significantly started intersecting with the natural language processing and knowledge discovery communities.

PROFIT project participated with a paper presentation on “Evolution of Semantically Identified Topics”

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