PROFIT at Financing the Social Economy in a globalized context: today and tomorrow Conference

The PROFIT project and the platform prototype was presented during the FEBEA & INAISE Conference & General Assemblies, held in Klub Bankowca ul. Smolna 6, Warsaw, on the 30-31 May 2017.

Around 100 people were invited to attend to the conference titled: Financing the Social Economy in a globalized context: today & tomorrow. The rationale of the conference was that ethical and solidarity finance institutions are historically committed to the support of the social economy and its actors. Within the context of a transforming society, the conference will discuss how ethical finance actors can deepen their commitment in this field and act as change-makers, balancing the engagement towards local communities and the need to act in a more and more globally interconnected society.

The PROFIT project was promoted in two ways. The first was the provision of the official project flyers, which were made available at the registration desk.

Secondly, FEBEA representatives showed the prototype platform on the side at the event via a tablet in the common areas. Given the fact that the prototype was missing some key features, the main “testing” activity that was performed by attendants was the visual style of the platform and the list of features in the menus. The “testers” were quite pleased with the style of the platform and were interested in knowing more about it, especially once the features will be present and the platform be operative. A representative of FEBEA accompanied them throughout the process, indicating and explaining the various functionalities and the impact that the platform will seek from the future users.

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