PROFIT dissemination & communication activities

Deliverable 7.2.2 presents all the relevant dissemination and communication activities of the project during its first and second years of implementation.

During this time, the PROFIT project already engaged in several dissemination and communication activities, including the formation of the User Forum Committee, the organization of its first user day, the production of several publications, the publication of its first proceedings in a notable journal, the creation of its promotional video, and many more as described in the document.

Moreover, the project has been presented in more than 20 events and organized successfully the 1st and 2nd workshops on the Internet for Financial Collective Awareness & Intelligence, in conjunction with the 3rd and 4th International Conference on Internet Science. Moreover, in 2017 the PROFIT website had 2.237 users, a 324% increase as compared to 2016. 70.8% of these users are new visitors.

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Profit dissemination
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