PROFIT deliverable D6.1 – Evaluation plan and framework

This deliverable represents the first step of a long phase of testing of the PROFIT platform. Deliverable D6.1, in fact, presents the strategy designed in order to evaluate the PROFIT platform in three testing cycles that will take place between 2017 and 2018. Their focus will be primarily on the general satisfaction of the users with the platform, that is, ease of use and usefulness. The strategy was elaborated based on the previous activities of the project, especially concerning the definition of the 12 User Groups and the 5 Use Cases and Scenarios.

This document provides the main reference for the activities of “Pilot Plans and Realisation”, which will accomplish two main objectives. First, it will clearly define the sample of targeted users to be involved in the testing and evaluation activities. Second, it will give a detailed shape to the data collection framework and execution of the pilots. Therefore, this deliverable will describe the evaluation framework that will be implemented in order to assess the prototypes of the platform and provide some early feedback to the platform developers and also to stakeholders, regarding the social impact of the platform.

Such evaluation framework will include: an overview of the evaluation strategy, the methodology chosen for the selection of the sample of testers and the assessment criteria and mechanism for the PROFIT service trial. Particular attention will be paid to the definition of the testers that will participate in the assessment, along with the assessment tools that will be implemented. As the platform is being developed gradually, this evaluation plan will have to be adapted according to the status of implementation of the functionalities that are going to be tested. Moreover, since it is an iterative process with a multitude of stakeholders, it is impossible at this moment to lay down a more detailed plan, describing each step.

You can find the deliverable here.

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