PROFIT at 9th Social Economy Days in Ljubljana

PROFIT project was presented at the 9th Social Economy Days  held in Ljubljana, Slovenia (European House) on 5 December 2018. Fund 05 was one of the partner organisations for the 9th Social Economy Days 2018. 

PROFIT project was mentioned during the opening speech as a good example of projects that will have a practical impact on citizens’ lives. Moreover, a workshop on “Practical Tools for Social Enterprises, Not-for-Profits and interested individuals” was also organised. 

In the context of the workshop, Manja Munda, CDO from Fund 05, presented the PROFIT project and the PROFIT platform. Plans for future work on the platform and possible benefits with its use were also discussed. 

PROFIT project was also presented on a capital matching event to financial institutions (Bank Delavska hranilnica, Feelsgood Capital Fund, Regional Development Fund, etc.) as a possibly useful tool. 

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