PROFIT project activities kicked-off

The consortium meeting held in Bratislava has kicked-off the project activities. The projects starts with specification and functional design.

First objective of PROFIT is to study and specify the requirements of the targeted users with respect to the proposed financial awareness platform, analysing and turning them into specifications. Based on this analysis, it will define and deliver a number of representative use cases and user scenarios to exemplify the novelties of the PROFIT platform. Finally, the incentive mechanisms to encourage users’ participation will be defined as well as the personalised recommendation policies to provide decision support.

A user group has been involved from the very beginning to provide their requirements on the system and define use cases.

  • SEFEA – Italy
  • Credal – Belgium
  • APS Bank – Malta
  • Sklad05 – Slovenia
  • ZEF Cooperative for Ethical financing – Croatia
  • Bank of Karditsa – Greece
  • FCRE – Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica – Italy
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