IFIN 2018 Workshop Report

IFIN 2018 – “Responsible Finance for Good: Financial literacy, financial technology and their interactions”

IFIN seeks to open a multidisciplinary dialogue on how we could use the Internet to promote financial awareness and capability among citizens. Towards this goal, IFIN workshop consists of two parts: presentation of related work and roundtable interactive discussions with participants.

This year’s theme was focused on Responsible Finance for Good: Financial literacy, financial technology and their interactions. Scientific contributions pertinent to the aforementioned areas were welcome to be presented upon acceptance through an open call for papers. Moreover, key ideas from the EU-funded project called PROFIT: Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability were presented.

IFIN 2018 spanned two days (12-13 November 2018) and included five sessions:

  1. Financial literacy in the “fintech” era
  2. The young, the old, and financial literacy
  3. Household finance
  4. Responsible finance
  5. Technological approaches to financial matters

Out of 28 paper submissions, 16 papers were selected for presentation (the detailed program can be found here: http://ifin-workshop.iti.gr/program.html). It should be noted that a select number of papers from the workshop will be featured in a special issue of the European Journal of Finance. Moreover, the workshop featured a keynote address by Prof. Michael Haliassos from the Goethe University Frankfurt on “Financial literacy externalities”. Overall, the workshop attracted around 50 registered participants.

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