IFIN 2017 Workshop organized by PROFIT

The 2nd International Workshop on the Internet for Financial Collective Awareness & Intelligence (IFIN 2017) organized by Profit Project seeks to open a multidisciplinary dialogue on how we could use the Internet to promote financial awareness and capability among citizens.

Towards this goal, IFIN workshop will consist of two parts:

  • presentation of related work
  • roundtable interactive discussions with participants

Under the first part, it will also present key ideas from PROFIT Project, as well as contributions from the wider scientific community. Under the second part, it will enable interactive discussions with the audience in a round-table fashion being led by experts.

IFIN 2017 will take place in conjunction with INSCI 2017, the 4th International Conference on Internet Science, on 22 November 2017, at Thessaloniki, Greece. Submission of papers is open until September 30 2017.

Learn more at: http://ifin-workshop.iti.gr/

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