IFIN 2016 Workshop Report

The 1st International Workshop on the Internet for Financial Collective Awareness & Intelligence (IFIN 2016), organized by the PROFIT Project, was successfully held at Florence, Italy, in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference on Internet Science (INSCI 2016).

The workshop took place on Monday 12th September, and lasted from 13:00 to 19:00. It included presentations of related work as well as a round-table interactive discussion with all participants, and was aimed at initiating a multidisciplinary dialogue on how we can use the Internet in order to promote financial awareness and capability among citizens.

Under the first part, key ideas from the PROFIT project were presented and discussed. Additionally, contributions from the wider scientific community focused on the particular field, were also presented, upon acceptance through an open call for papers. More specifically, the agenda of the workshop included a keynote speech by professor Steve Schifferes titled “The Web & and the Challenge of Financial Literacy”, as well as several other presentations on various topics. You can read or download the presentations from here.

Under the second part, an interactive discussion with the audience in a round-table fashion being led by experts was initiated. The audience was encouraged to discuss their ideas and views on the purposes, services, and boundaries an online financial awareness platform should have. Furthermore, issues such as anonymity and privacy on a financial awareness platform, as well as the challenge of maximizing its social impact, were also discussed, and useful conclusions for the PROFIT Project were drawn.

The participants of the workshop came from a highly multidisciplinary background; they consisted of experts and professionals as well as academics and researchers in the financial sector and economics, computer science and IT, social sciences, etc. The audience also varied greatly in age, comprising young researchers/professionals in their late 20s, as well as more mature participants.

The particular workshop helped initiating a fruitful and interdisciplinary discussion on various issues, including the state of financial literacy among EU citizens, the use of the Internet and Web 2.0 tools for promoting financial literacy, the PROFIT financial awareness platform functionalities and services, the use of semantic web technologies for advanced analysis of financial news corpora, etc.

You can access the full report on the IFIN 2016 Workshop from here.