Report from the First User Day

On the 16th of March, only three months after the launch of the PROFIT project, we held the first event in Brussels, in the context of the Global Money Week.

At the User Day were present representatives of the Consortium in charge of the implementation of PROFIT, as well as experts in the fields of finance, economics, EU institutions and European networks. Members of the User Forum were also present. The User Forum is a committee of experts that will provide the project with regular feedback and includes representatives of all key stakeholders, as well as high-profile experts in the area.

During the User Day, Consortium members and attendees were able to introduce themselves in order to get to know each other. Some User Forum members had their own brief presentation which touched on similar projects or goals.

Consortium members provided a description of the project, of financial literacy and on the progress that has been made so far. Special attention was devoted to the creation of user cases and scenarios, with the related questionnaires & methodology. This work will feed into the construction of the PROFIT platform.

Afterwards there was a lively discussion involving all attendees, analysing the methodology and the questionnaires. Feedback was provided by everyone and it was agreed that we continue the discussion in the following weeks. Both the User Forum present at the event and the other guests provided useful insight and the plan is to keep all of them informed in the developments of the project.

Highlights from the User Day

The main points of the discussion during the User Day were:

  • Importance of translation of the Platform (and also of the questionnaires and other relevant material to be distributed to users) in local languages, to allow the involvement of all User Groups (elderly);
  • Need to take into consideration language barriers for the involvement of minority groups;
  • Need to differentiate the general approach of the Platform and related incentive mechanism according to target User groups (for example for older/younger people);
  • Need to take in consideration gender differences in the analysis;
  • Regarding the questionnaire, it was discussed if it would be better to consider “Females” as a specific User Group or if it would be more convenient to analyse the gender differences across all User Groups (through a question asking to specify the gender of the respondent);
  • Need to consider possible difficulties by the respondents in understanding specific technical terms (credit score, interest rates,..): need to add a “I don’t know” option in all questions. Need any way to describe possible features of the platform in a familiar way;
  • It was discussed if it would make sense to define a set of questions that can be skipped according to the answer to previous questions, or to add specific questions tailored for specific User groups;
  • Importance to keep the questionnaire short (max 15min for compilation) in order to keep the respondents focused.

This feedback was invaluable and it will help us in the next phases of the project.

Keep an eye on the PROFIT website for the next events!

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