Financial literacy and entrepreneurship workshop at Em Lyon Business School in Paris!

Em Lyon Business School and the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Centre organised the First Workshop on Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, on Tuesday 6th June 2017, in Paris.

Prof. Georgios Panos presented his seminal work on the theme, jointly written with Annamaria Lusardi (George Washington University) and Leora Klapper (The World Bank). Financial literacy matters for entrepreneurship! The study finds that the financially literate are some 20% more likely to be entrepreneurs and perform better in business indicators. In a quasi-experimental inquiry of the study, the authors also find that personal finance reforms of the latest 15 years are related to both higher financial literacy and higher entrepreneurship within states and overall in matched samples of individuals. The working paper of the study will be available during the coming couple of months. Stay tuned!

The conference was attended by academics, entrepreneurs, practitioners, policy makers and organisations and the civil society members. In exciting panels, there were active discussions on links and means for enhancing the relationship between financial literacy and entrepreneurship. The theme of the conference and the key concept of personal finance for entrepreneurship is of primary interest to the development of the PROFIT project!

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