Deliverable D6.2 – First pilot results

This deliverable presents the results of the first testing cycle for the Profit platform, performed on prototype 4 of the platform. Due to the limited number of functionalities implemented in the prototype, the number of testers was reduced. The feedback has been categorised into qualitative, technical and overall evaluation and analysed by the Consortium members according to their area of interest and expertise.

In general, the Platform looked promising to testers, who appreciated the ease of use of certain tools; on the other hand, some of the functionalities need to be adapted in order to be usable also by users with low financial literacy level. In addition to this, the functioning of some of the tools should be better explained to first-time users.

This deliverable also contains an early overview of Social Innovation Assessment, which will be further developed in the subsequent deliverables of WP6. The functionalities currently available are the ones planned for the next testing cycle and will allow to achieve significant social impact. One of the main indicators to be monitored in this regard is the financial literacy test, via a comparison of the results obtained by users over time.

This Deliverable will allow the Platform developers to adjust and improve the prototype’s functionalities according to the tests results. Also, this Deliverable will take advantage of the flexible methodology developed in D6.1 that allows the Consortium to improve the testing procedure itself for the next cycles.

You can find the deliverable here.

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