Bianca Isaincu

Child and Youth Finance International

Bianca Isaincu has been working in the field of financial inclusion and education issues for young people since 2012. As a regional adviser at Child and Youth Finance International, she has contributed extensively to the development of various projects and programs on financial education and inclusion for youth across Europe and Central Asia. Bianca has led a variety of best practices exchange initiatives at the European level on financial and entrepreneurship education, and has coordinated numerous meetings, workshops and conference sessions on financial education and inclusion, while managing the cooperation of CYFI with European institutions (European Commission, European Central Bank and European Parliament). She has led comprehensive research on the financial inclusion landscape of youth in Eastern Europe, and is managing the implementation of three Schoolbank project pilots in the region.

Since January 2016, Bianca is the Head of the Network Advisory department at Child and Youth Finance International, responsible for the strategic development and implementation of national and regional CYFI programs worldwide.
Bianca holds a BA in Economics and a Master degree in International and development economics