Patrizia Bussi

Network of Social Integration Enterprises

Patrizia Bussi studied at the business management Faculty of the Turin University (Italy). She coordinates the European Network of Social Integration Enterprise (ENSIE), representing social enterprises and especially work integration social enterprises across Europe, aiming to contribute to sustainable development through different actions such as creating links between the job market and the social integration of disadvantaged risk-groups by improving their employment opportunities and productivity, and promoting the economic viability of social enterprises and the integration and reinforcement of their role in the general economic landscape. During her time in ENSIE, she has also worked for two Italian social economy enterprises: the Consorzio Sociale Abele Lavoro and the A-type social cooperative Stranaidea. Since 2012 she has been selected by the European Commission as member of the consultative multi-stakeholder group on social business (GECES) and member of the Social Impact Measurement sub-group. Since 2014 she has represented ENSIE in the Structured Dialogue with European Structural and Investment Funds’ partners group of experts (ESIF SD). She is also a member of the Italian GECES group, Gruppo Multilaterale sull’imprenditoria sociale.